About Georges St. Pierre

GSP is arguably the best welterweight of all time. He holds the third best record in the UFC for the most consecutive title defenses (9). Anderson Silva and Demetrius Johnson are the only fighters that hold more defenses.

Georges has a very tactical style that can frustrate a lot of fighters. Some fans will say he is boring to watch and just wrestles people to the ground. But hey, if its working why not do it?

He last defended his belt against Johnny Hendricks, winning a controversial decision. Some thought he lost that fight. After the fight he announced he was going to take a break. That break turned into a 4 year layoff where people thought he was gone for good. He used this as a mental re-set and got into other forms of training such as gymnastics. He even tried out acting with an awesome role in the winter soldier captain America movie.

Just when we thought he was done, rumors started circulating about his return. For fight fans there were mixed emotions. Some thought “Stay retired! You went out at the top.” Others were dying to see GSP back in the octagon again. These rumors turned out to be the real deal. This is when things got even crazier. Not only was coming back to fight again, his first fight would be against newly awarded champ of the middleweight division. A long time veteran in the sport, Michael Bisping.

Again, controversy, as people said that was ridiculous. He would be moving up a weight class and fighting the champion of that weight class as his first fight back. So what happened?

GSP looked fantastic. The fight ended with GSP sneaking in a choke after pummeling Bisping on the ground. Everyone went wild. He took on a bigger fighter who has been actively fighting. People thought GSP would have ring rust but you certainly could not see any of that.

Rumor has it that he will not continue in the 185 class but probably do a fight at 170. Who is the opponent? That is to be decided.