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GSP RUSHFIT has received rave reviews from customers and members of the press since launching in December 2010. Below you can learn more about the RUSHFIT 8 Week Training Program and the fast results you can expect from GSP's challenging MMA-style workout system.

Cleveland Plain Dealer (November 2011) - Fitness writer Zachary Lewis wrote a great RUSHFIT review and states "Beachbody trainers Tony Horton and Shaun T used to be number one in my book. These days, I'm into Georges St.-Pierre." Read his article - A Fighting Chance to Get In Shape: RUSHFIT Series Adds up to Thorough, Practical Regimen

American Council on Exercise (May 2011) - ACE published a detailed comparison between RUSHFIT, P90X, and Insanity: P90X, Insanity and RUSHFIT - A Side-by-Side Comparison of TV's Most Popular - and Extreme - Workouts

Pro MMA Now/USA Today UFC Group (May 2011) - As they explain it, "The champ literally trains right alongside you". Read their detailed GSP RUSHFIT Product Review

Bodybuilding.com Review (Apr 2011) - The Bodybuilding.com staff reviewed the RUSHFIT 8 Week Program and came to following conclusion: Georges St-Pierre Can Kick Your Ass (inside the ring and your home).

FitBlogger.ca Review (Mar 2011) - Rita Barry tried RUSHFIT and wrote a comprehensive review: Georges St-Pierre's 8 Week Training Program Review

Canadian Press (Feb 2011) - Julie Scott from the Canadian Press did the RUSHFIT workouts for two weeks and wrote about her experience: St-Pierre Reaches Out To His Fans With At Home Fitness DVD Series

Bloody Elbow MMA News and Commentary (Jan 2011 - March 2011): Jonathan Snowden published regular updates while he and his wife progressed through the GSP RUSHFIT training system:

Update 1: GSP RUSHFIT: An 8 Week Journey of Self Discovery

Update 2: GSP RUSHFIT: An Adventure In Pain

Update 3: GSP RUSHFIT: Your Hero Takes a Backward Step

Update 4: GSP RUSHIT: Reader Q&A and One Man's Journey

Update 5: GSP RUSHFIT: GSP Trainer Erik Owings and the Creation of RUSHFIT

Update 6: GSP RUSHFIT: A Woman's Perspective on the Program

Cage Potato MMA & UFC News (Dec 2010): Hey Fatso: Get Your Sorry Ass in Shape With Georges St-Pierre’s RUSHFIT

On our Facebook Page we regularly post success stories and testimonials from customers that have completed the 8 Week RUSHFIT Program. Read about Tracey, who lost 40 lbs on the RUSHFIT Beginner Program, and Michael, who used the Intermediate Program to break through and drop the final, stubborn 10 lbs he was trying to lose. You can also use the RUSHFIT Facebook Page and Twitter account to interact with people that have completed RUSHFIT or are currently doing the 8 Week Program.

Here's a sampling of recent quotes regarding Georges St-Pierre's fitness and conditioning.

Does GSP’s training work? The Reigning welterweight champion has proved it time and again. If you want to be a champion you need to train like one. St-Pierre is one of the '25 Fittest Men in the World' — Men's Fitness

Tremendous athletes have tried their hand at MMA, but few excelled like St-Pierre.— Sports Illustrated

Georges St-Pierre is arguably one of the most well conditioned athletes in the world. He trains with the best training partners, he maintains a consistent intense workout schedule and he focuses on maintaining a proper diet. GSP trains in short bursts of high intensity.— www.worldextremefighter.com

This UFC ultimate athlete uses a calculated combination of training, diet and mindset to overtake his competitors.— www.simplyshredded.com

He embraces the message about not accepting other people’s limits... It’s why his sky-high ambitions can’t be dismissed... The body still looks like it’s been chiselled from rock. The new improved GSP has so far proven exceptionally hard to beat. None of the title defences have even been close.—Maclean's Magazine

GSP can do nothing more to cement his status as the best welterweight in UFC history.—www.bleacherreport.com

GSP RUSHFIT Geroges on Set